Day 189 – Potosi, BO to Uyuni, BO

Day 189 – Potosi, BO to Uyuni, BO      02/26/11       Mileage: 142

It was no surprise to wake up to the rain pounding on the roof of the hostal, so Marshal, Megan and I decided to linger a bit and hope for a break in the weather. Right before noon the rain did let up so we packed the bikes and split for Uyuni. In the maze of one way streets and traffic leaving Potosi, I got separated from them. I figured I’d ride hard to catch them if the were ahead of me and if I didn’t catch them then must be behind me and I would just pull over and wait. Worst case is I would just meet them in Uyuni. But after about 40 minutes I caught up to them just after a stream crossing.

The road was a mix of smooth fresh pavement interspersed with sections of dirt…a mixed bag for sure but it kept the ride interesting.

Coming out of the mountains, we left the rain in our rear view mirrors and were rolling down a high desert plain. The views were spectacular and it was a treat to have the road nearly completely to ourselves.

Soon the smooth pavement turned back to dirt and began to climb up a small mountain range. Just over the top we were treated to a spectacular view of Uyuni and the famous salar of the same name.


The Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat on earth and it stretches as far as the the eye can see. We took in the view for a while and then rolled the last few miles into Uyuni were we found a hotel with safe parking for the bikes….on the marble floor of their lobby.

After dinner and a few drinks, we called it a night. Tomorrow it’s off to visit the Salar de Uyuni…

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