Day 187 – Oruro, BO to Potosi, BO

Day 187 – Oruro, BO to Potosi, BO      02/24/11      Mileage: 207

A nice buffet breakfast was included with the room so I made sure to eat my fill. As I was finishing up a girl walked by towards the lobby in motorcycle gear, so I promptly dropped my coffee and went to introduce myself and get the story. Megan and her husband Marshall are riding BMW 650’s from their home in Seattle down to Argentina. They were also on their way to Potosi today so we decided to ride together….sweet!

The road started out long and straight down a broad valley and I was on point. The weather was mercifully good, and that is to say not soaking rain or freezing cold.

In Challapata the road turned up into the mountains and soon we were enjoying nice 3rd and 4th gear sweepers as it climbed.

 The scenery was spectacular and we managed to skirt the edges of a few storms and stay dry for the most part.

We pulled into Potosi mid-afternoon and found refuge at the Koala Hostal.

After stashing the bikes and dropping our gear, we went out for dinner at a nice pub 3 blocks away. They had fondo de carne (meat fondue) which was fantastic and went nice with the liters of local Potosina beer we were washing it down with.

It was the perfect way to end a great day of riding with new friends.

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