Day 281 – Amazon Riverboat Day 6

Day 281 – Amazon Riverboat Day 6      05/29/11       Mileage: 0

Today I buckled down and sequestered myself in the cabin for most of the day to catch up on the writing for the blog which was now over 10 days behind. I left the door open so I could see the river passing by and took some time to walk the decks.

At night John, Ian and I did our best to lighten the ships hold of excess beer and had a great conversation with a Brazilian girl from Sau Paulo. Tomorrow we arrive in Manaus in the heart of the Amazon…

5 Responses to Day 281 – Amazon Riverboat Day 6

  1. carla friedman says:

    Amazing pictures. Someday you should think about collating this all together and maybe selling it. Just a thought. Love “traveling” with you while staying nice and warm and cool in my house.

    Love, Carla

  2. Arlene says:

    What a feeling that must be to not see the boat and not know the language and everything was on the boat with the bike. That must of shook you up a bit.

    Just got back from the park with Maya and Raquel and met Lillian’s mother there and she said that you always were adventureous. I guess that is for sure.

    Enjoy the trip. Love ya, Mom

  3. Arlene says:

    Lenny, Maya loved sitting in the computer room while Raquel napped and watched the “click-it” arrows and loved the 10 minute ride on the motorcycle. We did the blog for about 30 minutes and she loved it.

    Stay well and safe. Love ya, Mom

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