Day 241 – Maravilha to Santa Tereza Do Oeste, Brazil

Day 241 – Maravilha to Santa Tereza Do Oeste, Brazil      04/19/11       Mileage: 199

I lingered this morning to enjoy my sweet digs, use the wifi, and get my $35 worth of the very nice breakfast.

The Maravilha Park Hotel….very nice for $35 USD….

Complete with a regulation soccer field and sand volleyball court…

I had to do some financial reshuffling also as I haven’t found a bank ATM yet that likes my card. The weather was clear and warm and the road north was also great fun twisting and turning over rolling hills.

Odd town sign at the entrance to Maravilha…

I was trying to make time to make up for my late start so I didn’t stop to take many pictures. It also started raining for the last 2 hours of riding and again the roads got very slick.

Darkness caught up to me about 90 miles from my destination…Iguacu Falls. That will have to wait for tomorrow morning, and another one off the life list…

2 Responses to Day 241 – Maravilha to Santa Tereza Do Oeste, Brazil

  1. Becki Anderson says:

    keep moving. that breakfast looked good…right now I am starving! Summer is just around the corner here. Daylight comes about 5 am now!! dawn is sooner than that.Are you still having fun???

  2. Arlene says:

    Was great catching up on Skype and then I saw the new blog entry. That hotel was very nice and the breakfast looked good also. Sorry your plans didn’t go as planned but you sounded like you had a good day today and enjoyed the falls.

    Have a safe ride tomorrow and I am sure you will be glad to see Sabine on Friday and have the 10 days to spend with her and her family. I did speak to Sabine around dinner time today.

    Becki, it is nice to see your name on the blog and glad tht summer is on its way. After seeing and hearing all about Lenny’s experience in Alaska, his father and I are taking a cruise from Seattle to Alaska and back to Seattle. Glad the dayslight is getting longer and I hope it is warm for us in the third week in May. We are going with very, very close friends and the four of us are really looking foward to it.

    Lenny enjoy Sabine and her family. Happy Easter to all who celebrate it and be well and happy to everyone who reads the blog..
    Love you Len, Mom and Dad

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