Day 173 – Cusco, PE

Day 173 – Cusco, PE      02/10/11       Mileage: 0

I spent the morning in typical fashion, and that is sitting in an internet café working on the blog and getting caught up with email. After doing that I toured two museums, the Museo Historico Regional and the Museo Municipal De Arte Contemporaneo which were both nice and included in the multi-day tourist pass that I bought.

The Museo Historico Regional…

The Museo Municipal De Arte Contemporaneo…

 I also helped (or tried at least) Danielle with a computer program she needed for her volunteer work at Cositas. We grabbed a quick dinner and a few beers afterwards and then I retired to my $7 room for a few hours of reading and route planning for the road south.

6 Responses to Day 173 – Cusco, PE

  1. Arlene says:

    Okay, you got me…..what is alpaca……you ate it raw and I don’t know what it is.

    Interesting that Danielle volunteered from Holland to help they people with their crafts. It takes such a long time and people want it for nothing figuring the people don’t get paid much. It is a shame and I hope you were able to help her with the program.

    Eileen has been making all sorts of jewelry and lots with beads and they are all different prices for the beads and people do not realize how long it takes to make lot of the stuff she makes.

    Was great catching up this morning and the last two days that you just put in were really wonderful. Glad you took a bit of a break from running all over and went to the museums, etc.
    We just got home from Lisa’s about one hour ago and had a really nice day and dinner at Vicki and Norm’s and everyone says hello. Love ya, Mom.

  2. johnny o says:

    Aloha Lenny!!!!

    The Inca’s were helped by spaceships with 50+ ton towing capacity!!! Everybody Knows!!!

  3. Arlene says:

    Sunday afternnoon and I see that you are on the move for 4 hours and in the mountains and there looks like there is some snow on the satellite pictures.

    Have a safe ride and enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone tomorrow. Love ya, Mom

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