Day 81 – Antigua, GU

Day  81 – Antigua, GU     11/10/10     Mileage: 0

There’s nothing to write home about today really…the usual day of school, studying and a little walk around the park. At night I had a light “Lenny” dinner of hummus, warm pita and a beer at a great restaurant/bar/book store called the Rainbow Café. It was open mic night and one young guy did an excellent job with some acoustic folk songs.

Inside the Rainbow Cafe...

The center of the bar is open to the sky and they had a little fire going…a really cool scene to break the monotony of studying for an hour. Alas, it was time to head back to the room for more Spanish and to research my next move…

5 Responses to Day 81 – Antigua, GU

  1. Arlene says:

    What a great update of the past week. GREAT PICTURES of the food.?!? But eating a cow’s eyeball……that is really gross. I have noticed chicken feet on sale in Shoprite lately and my father used to cook those and it was fun to eat. He also cooked brains, and I believe intestine lining. I see it at Shoprite once in a while and I am too lazy to look for a recipe for it. I enjoyed eating that….it is chewy. I do not see the brains in the store though for sale.

    It was so good to hear your voice today and you sound great and you seem to be studying quite a bit……..very proud of you. Keep up the good work and enjoy this special time in your life.

    Love ya, Mom

  2. Tracy says:

    Lenny – all this time there…have you been looking for any business partner opportunities???? I wanna come back to Antiqua!

    • Lenny says:

      Ha! Well, I did talk to Jerome at the Traveler’s Menu about a micro brewery which we both think would do well here. But, the reason the beer selection is lacking here is because Gallo has a virtual monopoly on beer distribution in Guatemala, and let’s just say the are very good at protecting it if you know what I mean. :-O

      I will continue to keep my eye open!

  3. Paul Bell says:

    I remember when we were in high school we would tell our parents we were “studying” when we were actually drinking beer. Old habits are hard to break.

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