Day 79-80 – Antigua, GU

Day 79-80 – Antigua, GU     11/8-9/10     Mileage: 0

 It was back to school today for more Spanish lessons with Christina. The Fuego Volcano put on quite a show which we could see right from the school patio! That’s definitely something you don’t see every day in New Jersey, but here you do!

The Fuego Volcano spewing!

After school I was off to meet up with Chris and Dave from the local motorcycle touring company. ..Moto Café.

The Moto Cafe...

Chris was going to take me over to a local welder to get my right side engine guard repaired and assist with the language barrier.

The KLR at the welder, waiting for a bit of surgery...

After arriving at the welder, Chris explained to him what I wanted which was a big help, because there was no way I was going to be able to discuss the finer points of metal welding with my limited pigeon spanish.

The before shot. The weld at the junction split all the way around, so I needed the welder to run two beads around the joint to re-join it.

The KLR under the knife so to speak...

OK, so it’s for sure not the best weld I’ve ever seen, but it cost only $9 and it is an improvement for sure….so I’ll take it.

After that errand was done, it was back to the Black Cat for more studying and an early night to bed. Tuesday it was back to school followed by more studying, an early dinner and reading up on some other destinations in Guatemala. I’m getting the itch to move on and I have to start planning my next move.

2 Responses to Day 79-80 – Antigua, GU

  1. chris says:

    great meeting you in Antigua! hope the weld holds up and the adventures keep coming your way.

    safe travels,

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