Day 70 – Antigua, GU

Day 70 – Antigua, GU     10/30/10     Mileage: Local miles

 Breakfast came with the room and like yesterday it was very good!

This the view of Volcano Agua from my 2nd floor hotel room window...

 The first chore for the day would be to box up the souvenirs Tracy and I had purchased and ship them back to the US. The hotel had a box that I could have from a flat screen TV they just installed, so that worked out. I first went to the Antigua post office and they quoted me $125 to ship the box to the US! Whoa! I politely declined and set off to find the DHL office, and they quoted me $275! I asked the DHL folks what the cheapest way to send the box was and they said the post office. So off I went back to the post office to ship our now very expensive bargains. Once that was done, I set about looking for an inexpensive room to hang my hat for the next week or two. I eventually settled on the Black Cat Inn and Hostel, which had single rooms for $18 per night including breakfast.

El Gato home for the next week...or two...

El Gato Negro from across the street...

The roof-top patio at the El Gato Negro...with Volcano Agua in the background...

One more of the roof-top patio...

The center courtyard that the KLR will call home...

They were sold out of single rooms for tonight and tomorrow night and only had bunk room beds available, but then again it was only $7…also including breakfast! So, I booked the bunk room for the next two nights and a single room for the remainder of the week. Once I got the KLR and my gear over to my new digs, I went for a walk around town and took in the sights. For dinner I found a great little place called Bistro 5 Cinq and had a light dinner of manchego, marinated olives and 3 glasses of rioja.

Bistro 5 Cinq...

Afterwards it was back to the bunk room to be lulled to sleep by other people snoring and audible flatulence. All I can say is thank god for the rioja which made the ordeal more palatable…pardon the pun.

One Response to Day 70 – Antigua, GU

  1. Carla Friedman says:

    Scenery is gorgeous and I love living vicariously through you.

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