Day 50 – San Diego, CA

Day 50 – San Diego, CA     10/10/10     Mileage: Local miles

The morning was SoCal spectacular and we had breakfast outside on the patio. Bob and Janet’s neighbor Norma joined us and she is a real character…in addition to being a total cougar! Lol! She happens to be from Bolivia originally and traveled in Baja Mexico quite a bit, so she gave me some great information and contacts for the road(Thanks Norma!).  After breakfast we adjourned to Bob’s man cave, otherwise known as the garage. And what a 3 car garage it is… I’d be proud to call it my living room! The walls are adorned with racing posters and memorabilia and pictures of Bob from his days racing Formula V and Formula Ford race cars.

Me and my Uncle Bob...

Bob's man cave...I love it! One of these days...

Me and Janet...

Me and Norma...

Bob and Janet's house...

 There also happens to be BMW 335i turbo hard-top convertible parked in there also…so that spiffs things up a bit! After that I was off to run some errands and change the KLR’s oil.

The old turkey pan in the parking lot oil change trick...

And no trip to SoCal would be complete without a stop at In-N-Out…so I got that done also!

In-N-Out...a SoCal institution!

This place was hoppin! Look how many they have working behind the counter!

Back at the house, Janet had another nice dinner prepared and Norma joined us for a drink as well. We had some great laughs and good conversation before calling it a night. Tomorrow I’ll be heading for Mexico after taking care of some last minute tasks.

6 Responses to Day 50 – San Diego, CA

  1. Arlene says:

    What a great updates on the blog!!! Looks like your bike is in tip top shape and you had some R & R with good company and good food with great accomadations.

    Great seeing Steve’s family and Bob and Janet. I have to get a couple of copies of Steve’s book and Bob’s garage is unbelieveable. So glad that he can enjoy the man cave!!!!!..

    Sorry the Skype didn’t work at our end. We will get that problem fixed in the next few weeks.
    Safe trip and keep in touch. Love ya, Mom

  2. Nicole says:

    After 10 years in so cal, I can tell you that the popular thing to do regarding In and Out Burger, is the following: 1) purchase “In and Out Burger” bumper sticker; 2) modify said sticker so as to remove the ‘B’ of ‘Burger’ and the second ‘r’ of “Burger’; 3) reassemble said sticker without the removed ‘B’ and ‘r’, and 4) place said altered sticker on one’s motor vehicle. Follow?

  3. Erik says:

    Hey Lenny, …….good call on new chain and sprockets before heading south. it was also good to get the valves checked and adjusted. I hope that the machine was “cold iron” when the adjustment was done?…

    Always good to take a few oil filters and and a spare air filter. I think that you should reconsider on a wrench for the CS sprocket. (two combination wreches can be placed “ring in open end” to give you an extended lever arm if you do not want to go with a socket and breaker bar setup. One other thing that I definitely recommend is picking up a set of front and rear wheel bearings before you leave San Diego. You can either change out the ones you have, or keep them in you kit in case you have a bearing failure on the road. You can get by without having a proper bearing puller. The bearings are cheap insurance and take up very little space and weight. Keep up the great blog..and look up my MC guru friend in SD Toe-Knee Morrison 619-660-9369. Or find my buddy Paul who owns GP Motorcycles in Downtown SD. They will help with anything that you might need….

    Keep on having fun…E

    • Lenny says:

      Hey Bro! Thanks for all the great tech advice! They did let the bike sit for a few hours before doing the valves, so I think it was OK. Overnight would have been better, the timing just wasn’t in the cards though. Either way it’s running great and as good as ever, but still burning oil like a wealthy sheik over 5k rpm. It hasn’t been much of an issue though, I just have to keep it topped up. One of the welds on the right side engine guard cracked, so I’ll have to get that welded up. I think it may have gotten a small hairline crack back in Canada when I dropped it on the right side(twice), and the vibes from the KLR mill over the last few thousand miles just split it all the way around. It’s an easy fix though, so I’m not worried. Knock wood, everything else with the bike is great! There are times I wish I had the V-Strom, but I’m glad I took the battle axe KLR. And, having the extra ground clearance makes easy work of all the freakin speed bumps down here…they’re everywhere! Anyway, I hope all is well with you! -Lenny

  4. Eileen Powitz says:

    Hey Lenny,
    It looks like you are having such a great time!!! But here is another Jewish Mom….please BE CAREFUL going south! They are crazy down there!
    Loved the pictures from Alaska! Love, Eileen & Steve P.

  5. Arlene says:



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