Day 31 – Seward, AK to Glennallen, AK

Day 31 – Seward, AK to Glennallen, AK     09/20/10     Mileage: 374
The morning was overcast but at least not as cold and damp as the last two nights in Homer. I said goodbye to Phil and Kelly and finished packing the bike. I had intended to go to Whittier and take the ferry to Valdez, but I completely misjudged how far Seward is from Whittier…so I quite literally would have missed the boat! Damn…I was looking forward to that. Now my only option was to backtrack through Anchorage to get back up to the Alcan and head south. My other ferry plan which I was considering was to catch the ferry from Haines to Price Rupert….which would not only cut the corner and avoid a good bit of backtracking down the Alcan, it also follows the inside passage which is supposed to be spectacular. It also makes several stops along the way and affords the opportunity to have a look around at some of those towns, most (if not all) of which are only accessible by boat or plane. Without the pressure to make the Whittier ferry, I also now had the opportunity to check out Exit Glacier just outside of Seward. It was well worth the stop and the short hike up to the glacier.  

Exit Glacier just north of Seward, AK


Exit Glacier


Exit Glacier


In 1951, the Exit Glacier was at this it's a mile away in the background.


Getting closer...


Exit Glacier


The sun was backlighting the glacier, too bad it did not really come out in the picture.


Scott and Becki had also recommended the town of Hope, so that was going to be my next stop. It’s about 15 miles from the main road and is a very quaint little town…and I mean little. I’m not sure home may houses are there, but let’s just say there is only one bar/restaurant, a café and a library….nothing else (that I saw anyway).   

Hope, AK


The only bar in Hope, AK...and it's closed...damn!


With that checked off the sightseeing list, now it was time to get on the gas and make tracks back up through Anchorage towards Tok Junction and the Alcan.   

The Matanuska River and Valley


I made it was far as Glennallen before night and the cold air that comes with it caught up to me. I found a “camp” style room for $59 at the Caribou Lodge. The shared bathroom was down the hall and the room had heat…kind of…but it was good enough for tonight. And, after 3 nights out in the tent with no shower, I was beginning to scare the wildlife when I rode by, so a shower was also part of the plan.

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