Day 28 – Chugiak, AK to Homer, AK

Day 28 – Chugiak, AK to Homer, AK     09/17/10     Mileage:  253 

The last 2 days visiting with Scott, Becki and Glenn have been great, but the road beckons and I’m compelled to move on. I am so grateful that they welcomed me into their home, and I am humbled by their boundless generosity. The same can be said for Glenn as well, and I am glad to call them all my friends. 

Scott and Becki


Scott and Maggy, their black lab


So after yet another hearty meal, and a Billiken pin from Becki for good luck, I fired up the KLR and pointed it south towards Homer, AK on the southern Kenai Peninsula. Scott and Becki both gave me some great recommendations of things to see and do along the way down to Homer. The weather was cool but sunny and it was nice to be on the road again. The scenery, which is never bad it seems anywhere in Alaska, was spectacular on the road to the Kenai south of Anchorage. The soaring mountains plunge straight into the water called the Turnagain Arm at the north end of the Cook Inlet. 

The Turnagain Arm south of Anchorage...


The Turnagain Arm


It has the 4th largest tidal range in the world and is the largest in the US at over 30 ft.! Once up in the mountains of the northern Kenai, I stopped for lunch at a great overlook and put the new stove to use. 

Table for one...


Farther down the road I stopped for gas and got to talking to another biker on a really nice Honda VTX. After chatting for only 10 minutes, he offered me a spare room in his house and the garage to work on my bike if I needed it….I didn’t even know his name yet. 

Scott also showed me a great side road!


Mountains on the Kenai...


Taking in the view on the Kenai...


The weather was still great, but it was not to last as 20 miles north of Homer the pea soup they call fog up here rolled in off the water and the visibility became dangerously limited. Gladly I didn’t have too far to go, sand I was able to find my way out onto the Homer Spit to the Salty Dawg…a famous dive bar. 

The Salty Dawg


The Salty Dawg


After a quick beer, it was off to set up camp on the spit for the night.

11 Responses to Day 28 – Chugiak, AK to Homer, AK

  1. Carla Friedman says:

    Happy New Year. What a beautiful place to start the “new year”.

  2. Deb Roseman says:

    Lenny.. I am loving your blog and following your trip. Please keep it all coming!!! You are such an inspiration!!! I can’t wait to go out for sushi with you when you get back (hint hint) and hear all of the glorious stories. I’m guessing we’ll need to book all of Ota Ya for an entire evening. LOL

    • Lenny says:

      Thanks Deb! Ota Ya sounds so good right now…I haven’t had sushi since the all I can “almost” eat in Banff…and that was not even close to as good as Ota Ya!!

  3. lisa says:

    You in those fur coats and hat were the funniest thing ever!! amazed with how hospitable all the people are – love seeing the pics! Miss you, Lisa

  4. scott barker says:

    Nice adventure you are having, you have inspired me to ride to Dead Horse. I’m glad we met, thought we may see you today on our ride to Hope. The offer is still open to spend the night or use my garage. Two miles North of Soldotna turn right on the first street passed Big John’s gas station, (the second street passed the Harley shop) it is the third house on the right.
    Ride Safe Scott

  5. Arlene says:

    Lenny, this blog is great!!!! Just checked Dirty Bones to see if you are doing any moving today and it is 5:pm here and there you were, just leaving at one pm. I’ll check later and see where you are. I feel as if I am riding with you except I don’t sit on a bouncy seat and sleep in a comfy bed each night..

    Have a great day and I guess you will be on the ferry one of these days. Love ya, Mom

  6. Tracy says:


    The people you are meeting on this trip have been fantastic. Can you bring them to the East Coast and have them show everyone how to be friendly, outgoing, and hospitable? There is no doubt though that it has alot to do with your great personality.

    Ride safe,


  7. Becki Anderson says:

    see you passed right by just missed dinner Babe! why are you headed toward Glenallen????

    • Lenny says:

      If you were cooking, I know I missed a good dinner! I screwed up the ferry time at Wgittier, so I had to backtrack around to Glennallen. I would have stopped in but I had to make time!

  8. Brett Rand says:

    This is my email

  9. Becki Anderson says:

    well…you know you are always welcome here! We are watching your journey. I wondered why you were headed toward Glenallen…now I know! RIGHT~ON!!!

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