Day 25 – Denali National Park, AK to Maclaren River Lodge, AK

Day 25 – Denali National Park, AK to Maclaren River Lodge, AK     09/14/10     Mileage:  160  

After returning last night to camp it was time to plot my next move. Scott had recommended the Denali Highway the week before, which is actually a 135 mile dirt road that connects Denali National Park on the west end with the Richardson Highway to the east. One of my campsite neighbors, Dori, was also traveling that way and had also heard that it was a spectacular drive. We decided to travel the road together, so after a quick stop for coffee, we made our way for the Denali Highway….her in her SUV and me on the KLR. The scenery along the way was amazing, perhaps even better than inside the park itself.  

Mount McKinley from the Denali Highway...


The Alaska Range from the Denali Highway


Looking towards the Alaska Range


Yep, more of the Alaska Range...


And another...


Around 40 miles up the Denali Highway, we were flagged down by a hitchhiker from Germany. Karen has been on the road for 19 months and has some amazing stories…including rafting down the Yukon on a homemade log raft and hitchhiking all the way up the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse! Apparently I was in Deadhorse only a few days after her…and people think I’m crazy! Anyway, I of course had no room but she hopped in with Dori and we all continued on.  

Dori and her SUV, now with Karen riding shotgun...


Crossing the Susitna River with the Alaska Range in the background...


The Denali Clearwater Mountains...


Nice lake reflection of the Alaska Range...


After another 60 miles of desolate dirt road and one breathtaking view after another, we came up to the Maclaren River Lodge. It was a rustic but cute place complete with a heat, a restaurant, flush toilets and…a stocked bar. After two cold nights camping in Denali, that sealed it for me….I was forgoing the tent tonight in favor of a hot meal, a cold beer and a warm room with plumbing.  

Maclaren River Lodge


Maclaren River Lodge


Unique art pice of a salmon made from beer caps. The winters are very long up here.


The Maclaren River and Alaska Range in the background


A little after dinner pool....


 Dori also got a room and Karen set up her tent just across the road. After dinner and a few beers, it was off to bed…as tomorrow I had a long ride down to Anchorage to see Glenn and Scott.

3 Responses to Day 25 – Denali National Park, AK to Maclaren River Lodge, AK

  1. Arlene says:

    I thought you were really pressing your luck going to Alaska but Karen has you beat!!!! Must of been very interesting stories shared with these two free spirits. Glad you spring for a warm room with conveniences.

    The pictures were magnificient. Stay warm and stay well. Love ya, Mom

  2. Carla Friedman says:

    I am all for indoor plumbing. Stay warm. Happy New Year…. you sure are beginning this new year by an exciting trip. And we are going along with you and loving it from a warm house.

    Love, Carla and Stan

  3. Lynn Hilliard says:

    Although I love Na’vi blue, my body is now turning green with envy!

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