Day 22 – Camp on Arctic Circle to Fairbanks, AK

Day 22 – Camp on Arctic Circle to Fairbanks, AK     09/11/10     Mileage: 190  

The morning sky was gin clear and the air was warm and dry. It’s ironic that the best weather I’ve had since leaving Colorado two weeks ago has been northern Alaska!  

Camp on the Arctic Circle...


Along the road back to Fairbanks...


They call this Finger Mountain...not sure why...


My mother, being worried as you might expect, said she would pray for good weather for me. Well, apparently her prayer on my behalf was answered…so thanks mom! After packing up I continued south back to Fairbanks, enjoying the great weather and views the whole way.  

On the Dalton Highway heading south...


View from the road could easily by Vermont...


 Once back in Fairbanks, I collected my gear from the hostel, found a self-service car wash to get the corrosive road grim off of the bike and then settled into an internet café to catch up on some calls and email.

4 Responses to Day 22 – Camp on Arctic Circle to Fairbanks, AK

  1. Tracy says:

    Internet cafe, eh? LOL!! By any chance did that internet cafe serve Big Macs?

  2. Arlene says:

    Hi Lenny, So glad you went up and came back down and had such good weather. I will continue to pray for good weather and your safety for the rest of the trip………it is the job of the mother and I am glad my prayers were answered.

    You have met some really nice people and we are so glad that you are not alone all the time. Are you stopping at Scott and Glenn’s?? Looks like you are heading to Anchorage??? We were trying to see how you are going to exit Alaska. It is 6pm here and we will just have to wait and check every so often..
    The pictures are beyond beautiful. Keep up the good work and luv ya. Mom and Dad

  3. lisa says:

    So glad you had great weather – can’t believe you did it! so amazing!!! Get a good night sleep at the hostel – love, lisa

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