Day 21 – Camp south of Deadhorse to camp on Arctic Circle

Day 21 – Camp south of Deadhorse to camp on Arctic Circle     09/10/10     Mileage: 368

Glenn and Scott had invited me over for coffee the night before, and I wanted to take them up on it. I asked what time and they said 5:30…I forgot those hunting types are early risers!  

Looking south to the sunrise on the distant Brooks Range


So, at 6am…I got up and wandered over to their camp for coffee and some hot water for my oatmeal. They were packing up to leave and head back to Anchorage.  

Glenn and Scott packing up camp...


They invited me over to their homes in anchorage for a shower, laundry and whatever else I need which was very gracious of them! Twelve hours ago we were strangers in the wilderness, now they have invited me to their homes…I think that is pretty cool. I sure am glad to have met them. So after bidding farewell, I was off to ride the last 60 miles to Deadhorse. As I got closer to the arctic coast, the weather turned foggy and overcast, but I was still in good spirits as the goal of reaching Deadhorse was within my reach! A little over an hour after leaving camp, I was there…Deadhorse, AK…the northern most “town” accessible by road in North America!  

Welcome to Deadhorse, AK!


I put town in quotes as nobody actually lives in Deadhorse. It does have a zip code, but it’s really a large industrial complex of buildings and support structure for the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. Everybody there is working directly for the oil companies or for a company that services and supports them. That is of course except for me, the one lone tourist on that day.  

Paul would be in heaven up here...he likes snow machines...and they have every conceivable type up here!


More snow cats...


"Town" of Deadhorse...


The drilling process


The lavish Prudhoe Bay your heart out Fairmont Banff Springs


Fueling up at the gas station...


Drilling rig...I think...


So, after taking the requisite “trophy” pictures, there was nothing left to do but to head south! Next stop, 18,000 miles south of here in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  

On the arctic tundra heading south...


Not a curve in sight...


Heading back to the Brooks Range...


Entering the Brooks Range from the north...


The Brooks Range


The Brooks Range...


The weather once again cleared as I left the arctic coast and the riding weather was great. I crossed back over the Brooks Range, fueled up and had a bite to eat in Coldfoot, then continued south.  

Real food...yum!


On the road south...


I setup camp right on the Arctic Circle and enjoyed another great sunset. Tomorrow, it’s back down to Fairbanks.

3 Responses to Day 21 – Camp south of Deadhorse to camp on Arctic Circle

  1. Scott says:


    Give us a call when you make it to Anchorage

  2. Jill says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on making your first big destination!!! Love following along, great pics and an even greater adventure! be safe…jilly oxoxox

  3. Dave Griggs says:

    Congrats on reaching Deadhorse! .. glad you made it and didn’t have to change your website address. Enjoy the ride to warmer weather!

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