Day 1 – Frenchtown, NJ to New Stanton, PA

Day 1 – Frenchtown, NJ to New Stanton, PA     08/21/2010  

No alpine start for me today as I spent the morning helping to clean up after the party, having a leisurely breakfast at the Frenchtown Cafe with John and Tracy and doing last minute preparation.  

Breakfast at the Frenchtown Cafe



So at the crack of 2pm, I set of with my buddy John leading the way on his orange KTM 625.  

Johnny O and I


I'm Off!


We slid over the Delaware River into PA then north toward I-78 along the Delaware River.  

Crossing the Delaware


Johnny O in PA


 John rode with me out onto the highway and then with a nice 3rd gear wheelie and a wave goodbye, he peeled off the highway and I was on my own heading west.   

Crossing into PA


The day was uneventful but short at only 291 miles. Home for the night would be a motel in New Stanton, PA…my location when the rain and nightfall caught up with me.

2 Responses to Day 1 – Frenchtown, NJ to New Stanton, PA

  1. Stephen Baum says:

    Good luck as you cross the country. Your spare parts arrived last week. Be well,

  2. Jim Diem says:

    Hey Lenny! Sorry I missed the “ride off”. To many things happened at once. Anyway, have a great trip and I will be looking forward to you blog posts. -Jim

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